The OPPO A15 Series From Oppo Is A Smart Phone Worth Checking Out


After identifying your skin type, age, sex, and location, an innovative self developed front AI facial skin classification system perfects facial skin tone and overall complexion for every face. Extra Soft, Extra Spicy. Extra Luxurious.

An intelligent facial recognition algorithm recognizes your individuality by collecting data on your face, hair, skin, and fingerprints. Through the Android ecosystem, you can get OPPO A15 and unlock your door with the same system that authenticates your fingerprints. With OPPO A15’s advanced dual finger print unlocking system you can really start enjoying all of the functions this awesome new smartphone has to offer. OPPO A15

With a powerful octa-core processor, OPPO A15 smartphone gives you everything you need to power up and perform with ease. With the lowest mobile CPU, the A series processors provide you with the highest speeds and lowest error. You won’t be left behind with the speediest processing speed available on the market today. And with OPPO’s user-friendly and accessible user interface, no technical experience should be too challenging or too complicated. Simple and easy to understand menus and screens means even first-time users can navigate through their device with ease.

With OPPO A15’s powerful dual camera feature, you can take photos of anything in real time. With an ultra-lightweight 13mp main lens, capturing high-resolution photos is simple. The 2mp macro lens makes every photo you take with OPPO A15 that much better. You can capture your grandest moments without having to lug around a heavy and bulky main lens. Its 2.5mp depth lens makes every image you capture with the phone look like a pro photography scene from some magazines. In fact, pictures taken using the OPPO A 15’s 2.5mp main lens come out superbly crisp.

With a large battery, OPPO A series smartphone has the ability to update its memory with new ones whenever you run out of storage space. With a robust 1GB processor inside, this impressive feature is not something to be ignored. With a generous 1GB of internal memory, your OPPO A series will always stay ready for all your apps’ demands. With a high-speed Adreno architecture inside, the OPPO A series ensures that your smartphone is always ready for action. With a sensational quad-core Adreno 5X Adreno front-end processor and powerful lithium-ion battery, the OPPO A series ensures that you’ll never be caught without enough juice to complete your task.

When it comes to features, the OPPO A series from Oppo is unquestionably one of the best. With an impressively long list of high-end features that includes a powerful camera and several innovative features, the OPPO A series from Oppo would be an ideal choice if you are looking for a smartphone with all the bells and whistles. At a price point of $400, the OPPO A series from Oppo is one of the most attractive offers for an affordable smartphone. If you’re still looking for the perfect mobile phone that can serve all your multimedia needs, the OPPO A series from Oppo is ideal. And with an attractive price tag, it’s easy to see why.

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